Boo for Who?

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Sam literally wrote the book on the quarterlife crisis.

Now she is approaching 30, but is she older and wiser? (Spoiler: no)

Her literary career takes her to Denmark where she meets another completely inappropriate man to develop a crush on, married actor and verbal sparring partner Hatton Finch. After one night together, they decide to go their separate ways, but her eccentric millionaire university pal Paxton and BFF, Thai masseuse and Trotskyite June have other ideas…

So begins a ‘holiday’ in the sun with Paxton, but is it too good to be true? (Spoiler: of course it is) And what are all these stories on the news about a virus going about?

Can Sam navigate a pandemic, meddling friends, morality, strong local wine and a porridge explosion to finally find her happy ending before she reaches the big 3-0? Or at least reach an ending where people don’t ask the author WHY DID THAT HAPPEN as much as with Bae for Pay?

You’ll have to read it to find out…

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