Bae for Pay

Read the rom-com where everything goes wrong…

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Do you ever look around your office and wonder how you got there? Sam Chambers does – then she heads directly to a shop called Divine Drinks to trade wine tips and witticisms with sales assistant Dean.

You see, things haven’t quite panned out how she had hoped since she was a top writer at university, as her boss at her dead-end job reminds her at every opportunity.

Now she has a reunion to go to with no career prospects and no partner. She can almost feel the judgement radiating out of her phone from Harriet, Sam’s BFF from university. That is until Dean steps in to play her adoring boyfriend for the weekend, with a little help from her friends June, a Thai masseuse with a love of Communism and AC/DC, and Paxton, a playboy from university.

However, meddling, misunderstandings and even a ménage à trois could expose them, in more ways than one. Can Sam and Dean convince everyone else that their lives are on track, and, more importantly, can they convince themselves?


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